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5 Tips for a healthy holiday!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, which means the holidays are just around the corner. With celebrations and family galore, the holidays are certainly a most wonderful time of year.

However, for those seeking to eat healthier, those same food-filled festivities can seem like a nightmare. We foodies at LittleMoochi understand that the struggle is very real and think we can help. So, before giving up and waiting until January, give these 5 tips a try!

1. Prioritize Meats and Veggies

Holiday parties are no excuse not to get in protein and veggies. Instead of piling on the dessert and stuffing at the get-go, go for a heaping pile of meat and a generous scoop of veggies first. Meat and veggies are not only delicious and nutritious, but they’re also filling, so putting them first will probably stop those non-stop round trips to the dessert bar.

2. Slow Down

Fun fact, it takes 20- 30 minutes for the body to register satiety. So, by shoveling food down like no tomorrow, it’s all too easy to go far past the point of satisfaction and not even know it! Of course, slowing down is easier said than done. Well, here are some ideas

1. Put the utensil down between bites


  2. 3. Talk more!

3. Choose Wisely

With so many delicious options to choose from, it can seem impossible not to just take everything. However, instead of indiscriminately indulging in every treat, pick the truly special ones and eat away! Why fall for a store-bought sugar cookie when grandma only makes her pecan pie once a year?

4. Use a Smaller Plate

There’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning off a plate, but cleaning off one larger than a giant’s face is sure to lead to overeating. Instead of grabbing the pizza tray sized “dinner plates”, switch to a more reasonable sized salad or dessert plate. This will not only prevent over-eating, but it’ll also afford the satisfaction of going back for multiple rounds!

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important, but it’s especially important during holiday festivities. For starters, that “ravenous hunger” might actually be thirst. Staying hydrated will also help prevent overindulging in alcoholic beverages and mitigate the effects of those not- so holly jolly holiday hangovers. Can’t stand still water? Try seltzer with lemon or make your own fruit-infused water!

While we hope these tips help, there’s one golden rule that comes above all else: Don’t stress! The holiday season only comes around once a year, so even if that one plate becomes 3 (or 4), it’s perfectly okay. The most important thing is having fun and connecting with those who matter most.

Have a happy holiday! Stay healthy, stay cute!

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