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Happy 2020, Happy Launch LittleMoochi

Happy Chinese New Year! Moochi hope everyone is happy and healthy. We send our hearts out to anyone affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Although the world’s had a rough start to the New Year, there’s been nothing but celebration here at LittleMoochi - All the hard work in the past year get paid off - we’ve launched!

Please scan the QR code or click the below links to download LittleMoochi!

App Store Link: Google Play Link:

On January 18th, we hosted an extremely successful kickoff event at the Chinese New Year gala hosted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. While the show was the main attraction, kids lined up to play our fun ring toss game for some CUTE swag while their parents learned about Moochi’s revolutionary solution to picky eating!

We also met LittleMoochi's "spokesman"- Ashley, the little girl performed in our product video at the party, how exciting!

We hope everyone gets a chance to raise a Moochi. Remember- Healthy Moochi, Healthy You!

Stay Happy, Stay cute!

Little Moochi

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