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Healthy Holiday Gift guide for Kids!

Christmas is just around the corner, and despite best intentions, all the decorating, festivities and food means that many have (once again) left gift- shopping to the last minute. Luckily, there is an abundance of health-based gift guides on the Internet for “fit friends” or “the new runner”, but what about for kids? Well, LittleMoochi is here to help!

1. Smarter Sweets

What better way to fuel an intense gift unwrapping session than some sweet bites? Well, instead of sugar-filled, chemical-laden candies, try some more healthful options like low sugar gummy bears by Smart Sweets, no BS Rx Kids bars and delectable Skinny Dipped Almond snack packs!

2. Punch Balloons

This is why kids don’t need kickboxing classes ;) They’re cheap and more than fun.

3. Brain Games

Give kids the opportunity to exercise their brains too. Rubik’s cubes are always a welcome classic but don’t stop there. Go all-natural with Kingou Wooden puzzle games or really up the ante with these cool Money Mazes.

4. Personal Care Products

Health isn’t just about diet and exercise. What we put on or bodies can be just as important as what we put in it. Kiss dry lips goodbye with these natural lip balms by Art Natural and Burt’s Bees. Try some seriously sparkly skincare solutions by Tarte Cosmetics. Deodorize with 100% natural, organic deodorant by Dirty Kids.

5. Hats and Gloves

Most kids love playing outside, even as temperatures plummet. Some cool and cozy coverings will keep them playing! The North Face and Patagonia have some cute collections for all ages. But, for the more budget-conscious, LL Bean and Old Navy offer some serious steals!

6. Exergaming Systems

Kids love video games, so why not make a screen-time part of a healthy lifestyle! The Nintendo Switch Ring-fit, WiiFit, Xbox Kinect and Playstation one all combine the best of fun and fitness! These are definitely splurges, but health and happiness can’t be reduced to dollars right?

We hope these ideas helped! Cheers to a happy, healthy holiday!

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