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LittleMoochi Won CAST Global Innovation Summit

Little Moochi prides itself on fun innovation, and last weekend, we successfully showcased our adorably effective solution to picky eaters at the Pittsburgh Innovation Summit. The competition was tough. Little Moochi faced off against 11 teams pitching products ranging from online education platforms to radar sensing technology for preventing hot car deaths. Despite this, Little Moochi came out on top, walking away with $3500 to fuel Moochi’s growth. More importantly, we got to meet and network with incredible industry experts and listen to talks by distinguished speakers including a former director of the American Academy of Sciences- talk about innovation!

This win puts new fire into Little Moochi’s drive to lead healthy eating revolution. Beta testing is well under way, and we’re looking forward to really getting things going. Eat healthy, Stay cute!

For more information: Check out our Linked in and Follow Moochi’s adventures on Instagram!

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